Rab is the southern most island in the Kvarner archipelago so the vegetation is mostly Mediterranean.

You will be satisfied as soon as you step foot on the island as you will be welcomed by hot summer days with the sound of crickets
and pleasant fragrances of aromatic herbs and low lying plants which penetrate between jagged rocks.

As soon as you step off from the quaint Mišnjak dock the island will open up in a completely different light.
The vegetation is lush, and because of the Mediterranean climate, Rab is covered with an evergreen forest as well as indigenous evergreen oaks.

The most isolated place on the island has kept firm links with the past as concerning the language and tradition.

Lopar is a very diverse and vivid place. With a rich and fertile valley, it has a long sandy beach called “Rajska Plaža”.
Sand , shallow water , dense forests which offer shade and a cool place to relax are especially attractive to those who come with small children.

There is a sports and recreation center nearby, and all of these facilities are available to guests accommodated in attractive modern private houses
intended for renting.
Connections to other places on the island are good , and besides, there is a summer ferry connections to the island of Krk
and the town of Senj on the mainland.



Ideal place for your holiday…



Petra-apartments are located in this attractive setting, the ideal apartment for your holidays.

The apartments are located in the center of the town.

The house is situated 350 m from the famous “Rajska Plaža”

Near the apartments there are:

Post office
Mini golf courses
Tennis Courts
Jogging paths

The apartments have six parking spaces.
Garden of 400 m² with barbecue.


As part of our offer, you can rent a nice speedboats and enjoy the ride in the Adriatic Sea.


 We offer four speedboats at affordable prices.

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Route plan:

1.Ferry Jablanac – Mišnjak

2.Mišnjak – Barbat na Rabu – Mundamije – Banjol

3.Banjol – Gornja Draga – Donja Draga – San Marino – Lopar


1. Jablanac – Mišnjak
[ distance: 2.6 Km ]

2. Mišnjak – Barbat na Rabu
[  distance: 4.9 Km ]

3. Barbat na Rabu – Mundamije
[ distance: 4.5 Km ]

4. Mundamije – Banjol
[ distance: 1.6 Km]

5. Banjol – Gornja Draga
[ distance: 5.5 Km ]

6. Gornja Draga – Donja Draga
[ distance: 1.2 Km ]

7. Donja Draga – San Marino
[ distance: 1.7 Km]

8. San Marino – Lopar
[ distance: 2.2 Km]

The total distance between Mišnjak and Lopar is 21.6 km. The time required for the arrival from Mišnjak to Lopar is approximately a 30-minute drive at a speed of 50 km / h. The total distance between Jablanca and lopar is 24.2 km.

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